Tuesday, November 25, 2008


by Alex Grey 2008

"After hearing Barack Obama's speech in BerIin, and noting the degree of excitement and hope that he generated throughout many countries besides the US, I started to see him as one of the first true "world leaders." This may be partly because of his extraordinary childhood and political life that has bridged many cultures. Obama's restraint and intelligence, exhibited as foes were bating him throughout the campaign, his heartful clarity coming through in his talks are all qualities of a highly evolved person.

We need to consider our planetary citizenship, because solving the world's ecological and economic problems, and creating a culture of peace and reconciliation will require the co-operation of all nations."

That's one way to look at him: a semitransparent guy with the world in his head and a star in his eye. It's interesting how Grey incorporated the American Flag motif. If there were to be a new interpretation of the stars and stripes, I would sure love to see it like this; rows of blue skies and white stars taking the place of the fire and tiny buddas found in the mandorla (body halo) radiating from the center of the Deity's mind. And the white, radial lines, representing luminous awareness, are now embedded in red, representing blood. Are there 50 stars? Can you find them all?

Also, to the right I posted a preview for the movie "Dalai Lama Renaissance." It contains some great shots of the trek to Dharamsala. Leigh, I'm thinking about you.

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Mark Harman said...

David! I got a djembe! Oh my god it's so sexy!! AHHH Guitar Center was having a great deal on one 14" djembe... it's so great. I might bring it to KC this winter but I'm not sure...

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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