Monday, June 14, 2010

Green Green Festival

I went to Hiroshima with Daifuku this weekend to participate in the Green Green Music Festival. We rode hs little moped to the great bridge, and then Hitched it across to Fukuyama.
The festival miraculously took place at a Rinzai Zen Temple complex (!) deep in the mysty mountains. we had to take a thirty minute shuttle ride through the forest just to get there. . It rained on and off all morning.All the bands were good, really good, mostly rocksteady ska and old school reggae. There was Spinna B-ILL, a Lenny Kravitz-mixed with Saul Williams artist, this bad ass Japanese african dancer, the handsome Ucoca, really great ska.. I met Rickie-G sitting alone writing in his journal by the meditation hall, pictured at the top of this blog. I descended the stairs behind him and immediately noticed he was white. I thought i was the only one! But he writing in Japanese. I started bothering him..turns out he's half, near perfect english. I had a thousand questions but didn't ask. 'found out he's the headlining musician, performing as the last act at the festival, kind of a big deal in the japanese ska world... I had no idea...It was fun meeting him not knowing who he was though; a seriously lovely man, glowing....

ill give you all a more detailed account of my home stay experience and the music later.

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