Wednesday, June 30, 2010

recent events

I went to a party at Bellinin's in Saijo. It was filled with beautiful people, as always. Here is the smoking room I painted.

As part of my job I got to help show some American highschool kids around Matsuyama. We were lucky; we got to see the castle in the rain. Matsuyama castle is the best in Japan. I took the boys to Dogo Onsen, the first bathhouse in Japan. We got naked and found the bath filled with a highschool track team. They were excited to see us, and we ended up washing each other's backs. It's Japanese culture.
And I went to Tounaru, the copper mine ruins in Niihama with some friends and their baby. We ate lunch on a Jungle Gym on top of a mountain overlooking the city .

We hiked through the mountains, by the waterfalls and snakes...

We found an old house lost in the woods..
We even saw a monkey! Can you find the monkey?

And here is a scroll I dumpstered from a shrine near my house. It's a fascinating shinto-buddhist hybrid of Fudomyo. And there is the bouquet of flowers some teachers gave me at my farewell dinner, as well as the koyasan painting all packed up to ship to Terri.

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