Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bike Ride to school

Here are a few scenes from my bike ride to school yesterday.

Tadpoles swim in the rice feilds now. Hurry up and grow! The water is receding.
I pass by a dozen shrines on my way to is one.
Poor baby. what a beautiful form though. This is going to be a painting.
I found a tree in Firefly Park that at first appeared to be shimmering, but turned out to be filled with butterflies, thousands of them, mating and emerging from their cocoons. I took video.
I found a chicken farm by the school. Putrid stench. dirty, sickening, but the light was beautiful.

After school I found some students playing in the river. I joined them.

I worked on this new painting all evening yesterday. It's a new view, with more ground.

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