Monday, June 27, 2005

Highway One

Highway one

Highway one runs up the California coast, hugging cliffs, trees, wild life, and light, so it was, and driving it in the afternoon, from San Francisco, was incredible. I was watching the landscape and seascape and suddenly poetry began pouring into my mind. I wrote it down from memory when we stopped.

Heavy, Heavy light rubs its body across my face, and I dissolve into the blanket like a cloud in the sun. Oh Color goddess, please let me up. Your light body is too much!

Pregnant Light, heavy with Highway One, and high above midwife moon waiting to deliver me back to simple grays and silvers.

But still, Still, nothing else can scream as loud as the silent beauty of nature spilling out of the afternoon sun. Surprise! It shouts, jumping in front of my eyes without warning, then fucking my attention until time totally stops and peace torments my simplicity. my mind dances with her shadow, then swims in her light, and breath leaves me to sing with the angles in heaven.

Ecstatic mind leaps and trips over
the light, pregnant with this world
revealing its sexy self in front of me,
giving itself to me, asking me to take it and
love it, I enter its wetness and feel it lick my
mind till I am aroused with peace and clarity
brilliant clarity like a diamond sparkling, the ocean
is like an ocean of diamonds.
Shadows give me a break from the dancing.
But even in their cool hearts I see colors so enchanting
I am trapped for a moment unable to move.

I’m exhausted after all the celebrations, the car window is wet, I now wish only to paint and chant across a stretched canvas, nothing else makes any sense.

Part two

Heavy light, pregnant with an ocean,
the reflection I can see in the sea, is it me?
I and the sun make the sky, liquid silver,
shit this beauty is painful,

Tiny haiku scatter across the road
dancing fairies holding mirros up to their faces,
Did a goddess lick this earth with a golden tongue?
If I was blind id have to listen to this light as the wind
I am deaf now, for the wind is muted behind the light,
And if Christ is the light, then praise him, praise the Holy Spirit that created
This glowing world, this light licked surface of nature, this cloud colored christ comes,
If it is all a hologram, if it is all just an interference pattern of energy waves projected from a spaceless dimention like the scientists say,
Than fine with me,
The void glows as a sunset across water,
And nobody can say that isn’t divine.

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