Friday, September 09, 2005


The highlight of my week.
Today I took the one hour taxi ride deep into the mountains to the tiny school called Besshi. This school has 11 kids total, 7 of them in middle school. The largest class I taught had three kids. All the students spoke amazing English and were energetic and happy. Stark contrast with yesterday’s school which is known in Niihama as the "tough school, " with 40 kids in a class, most of whom look pissed off and refused to answer even the simplest of questions “what is your name?’
NO, today was heaven. I could hear the roaring river running next to the tiny school all day. Dragonflies darted across the windows. Caterpillars and butterflies greeted us at the front door. And, because they heard I was a vegetarian, the school chef a vegetarian lunch for everyone. And it was so delicious, perhaps the best meal i have had since i have been here: a croissant, sweet beans, tofu quiche with onions and red peppers, salad, and a soup with noodles, corn, and other veggies. I was so happy I almost cried.
They wanted me to teach an art class so I prepared the exquisite corpse game. This is a surrealist game that reveals that we are connected on a subconscious level. At the end we looked at our creatures and laughed. It is eerie how well some of the images fit together. (let me know if you need more info about the game).


~Kelley~ said...

Oh, David! I love you!

Abie said...

hey there. i want more info on that game. it looks wicked!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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