Saturday, September 24, 2005

Zen temple today

Today at the Zen temple I could hear kids singing and laughing and shouting thoughout the entire program. This is because there is a kindergarten and grade school right next to the temple, and today was some sort of festival at the school. So that was interesting, listening to kids playing while meditating.
Afterwards, the monk gave his little talk while we all had cake and tea, and from what I could translate the monk was telling us not to take a vacation from our zazen (meditation) practice. He said when we walk during the week, walk a little slower, and be aware of your breathing. I couldn’t figure out if he wanted us to see every step as a vacation, or if he was just telling us again not to take a vacation. Either way, it was a great lesson, a great reminder. I, of course, speedily and rather mindlessly biked home, eager to paint on my new painting, stopping only to take a picture of a wildflower for my mom. (these flowers are eveywhare right now!)


lau said...

i think the red in the ladder distracts from the wonderful sky

lovely, lovely flowers

Anonymous said...


May all beings be Free and in Love.

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