Thursday, September 08, 2005

new art and more school

My Internet and phone are down, so you cannot call me.
Yesterday at school i ate lunch with the students, and i was impressed that the kids serve themselves food. No lunch ladies needed here, and no janitors either. Yesterday I drew a pinecone and I’m telling ya, you have not lived until you have drawn a pinecone. I feel like I have never actually looked at one before.
So here is my new work, done entirely in Japan.

Since I am not in college anymore, having fellow students and teachers critique my work, I need you all to help me.
Now, as much as I love, and i mean LOVE the support from critiques such as Eli, dad, Josh, Jane, you guys literally support me like a planet and god I miss you so much, i miss you so much,...but it is the criticism, the harsh words from people like my mom, ben chapman, Cody Jackson, Martha, it is these types of critiques that are the most helpful sometimes. These critics are not afraid to tell me what they don’t get, or what they think is crap, or cheesy. You guys are the ones making me, forcing me, pushing me to work harder, and to fine tune my ability to move you.
And, lets face it people, that is w2hat I am trying to do here. I am trying to move you into a swoon for this natural world, a magical, dreamy world that will not let me go until I succeed in saving her and all of her children. Do you understand?

view from my window
three birds

Please tell me what you think of these images. None of them are finished, so feel free to give me suggestions...really.
in Love,


~Kelley~ said...

brief critiques...

pinecone- bottom is kind of unsettling and ugly, not enough detail, very mushy

view from my window- mushy in the middle, not enough color differentiation

cicada- same as pinecone bottom only for the cicada it's at the top. very mushy. not enough shading differentiation

cemetary- i don't get what you're going for here.

roots- magnificent

three birds- i really love this drawing

feather- too bland and gray for my taste but the drawing itself has some sort of hidden meaning that i'm sure you're trying to get across i just can't figure it out

lau said...

i don't think that the pinecone shows enough detail as the cicaida, which, since it seems less symbolic and more objective then your death sketches, could use to make it more interesting.

i like the ladder one you did before because it blended in with the trees and branches more, this new one, while i love the birds and clouds at the top, seems too obvious.

i like cemetaries, so i'm biased on that one

i think in the roots one it needs something more, i like it, but it just feels like there's something else you haven't put into it yet. is this the old tree you mentioned before?

love love love the birds.

still thinking about the feather.

Molly said...

I was recently told that abortion is culturally accepted in Japan, maybe not talked about, but accepted. And that this is why there are so many Jizo samas, to take care of the dead babies. Sounds healthy.
Mori chyan

Charlie said...

I've never seen clouds scattered so magnificently, even in nature.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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