Saturday, September 17, 2005


so i got some horrible news yesterday: my painting professor, who i fell deeply in love with, has cancer. Impermanence is so real and so painful. when i heard this news i immediatly picked up my beads and paced back and forth in my appartment chanting and sending blessings into the world. I dont quite understand why i felt the need to do that, but i did.

here is a pic of a new painting i am working on. would love your comments. tonight I am camping in the mountains and helping that old lady who lives there. I have school off on monday because of "respect for the aged day."
i just recieved a package from Eli and Leigh, both of which made me tear up and long for one more hug, one more conversation, one more glance into the eyes of my preciouse friends. impermanance!

oh, and i have started a blog site displaying pics from India.
here are some thoughts about beauty...

When beauty happens, all the tiny deatail in things become visable. This is why beauty contains truth.
Beauty and love go hand and hand (love and truth go hand in hand, love adn god go hand and hand, etc.etc.). You Love what you see as beautiful.
Beauty can only happen whith a certain typeof conciousness. Agitated, frustrated, angry conciousness cannot appraciate beauty. The only type of conciousness that can even see beauty is a conciousness that is fully, and I mean fully, or radically united with pure presence of being. Without this type of conciousness Beauty is imposible. And this easy, soft, opoenness, this appreciative awareness, is Love. It is merging presence, pure awareness. It is the light of awarness, and that light is love.

To be aware of beauty, and I mean beauty in any form-from a falling leaf, to the sond of the leaves, to the sound of water running over dirty dishes-in order to see any beauty the mind must be still and open. Your total attenciotn is required, and this striking moment of pure attentions or presence is such a moment, it is breath taking. It is…ah.

Also, it points to the invisible flowing benieth the visible, the light beyond the form, the design and sycronicity permeating all forms. And, because every sensation is a projection of the mind, all perception is, then the beauty you see out there is actually in you! Your mind is projecting the beauty onto the objects and colors. It is in the eye of the beholder.
I think that beauty is spirit darkening into matter, reflecting its devine nature back onto itself, and then extaticly and madly loving its reflection. did that make sense?


katy Livingston said...

You radiate beauty!

and love!

lauren said...

The lovely painting teacher whom i met at the college, who told you about the gnomish desert rocks?

The painting is absolutely lovely.

more will be said in my forthcoming letter.

~Kelley~ said...

I love the painting. could the houses be a little lighter so I could see them? because I want to see them...

i love Katy Livingston. you do radiate Beauty, David.

thanks for your prayers.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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