Saturday, October 01, 2005

Friday and Saturday

here is the link to some india pics.
and here is a shocking clip of Ken Wilber stopping his brain waves.

Friday afternoon I got to watch in aw and ecstasy an orchestra perform for the students. The entire orchestra, with percussions, brass, strings, a harp, even a man playing some sort of traditional Chinese instrument, was probably about 30 people. The music represented great music from al over the world. I felt like I should have paid a lot of money to see these musicians. They blew me away, like I said. I felt my attention soar out of the top of my head, and my body felt the urge, more than once, to dance and sing, while at the same time, I felt stunned and numb by the power of the sound. Since when do whole orchestras visit middle school gyms and perform all afternoon for kids! And maybe because I have been starved of live music for a while, finally seeing a room full of magnificent musicians shook me to the bone. Music’s divine. So my day was great, charged. At Shorinjikenpo (Ninja practice) I practiced rolling and tumbling, like I used to do with Aaron Toledo and Cody Pepper when we thought we were ninjas in gradeschool. The evening was spent mostly with Kieran reading me an Oscar Wilde essay on art.

Today Jesse, Claudia, and I visited the Copper mine museum with A lady from the Niihama Guides club, which is a group of women who seek out foreigners so they can take them around the city. Nice ladies, truly. And we had a great day! The museum was fascinating. I took a pic of it. it is undergrouwnd with the square bushes on top. I kept thinking of my dad and how much he would have liked it. Then we went to The Zen temple and got a tour of the inside, as well as a zazen lesson, where, if we wanted, we got to experience the Zen hit. And boy was it a hit! I learned that you are hit if you want it in Zen. Not all the time do monks get hit just for dozing off. If you are feeling tired, or if you cant calm your mind, you can request a hit by putting your hands in prayer when the monk walks by. And the stinging, shocking pain will cut thought that thought train that was pestering you, or it will wake you up to your senses, to the room. I loved it! Honestly. It was an intense rush waiting for the hit, and for a split second when it happened, my mind was clear and alert, empty, adn bright.
I also got to see the monks in actions, for they were quietly cleaning up the grounds, and i must say, they looked very happy.

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