Thursday, October 13, 2005

My moon marble and love of insects

I will get my phone back wednesday. my number is (001-81-) 897-35-2114 (0897 if calling from japan)
I think I am almost done with this painting. I have had so much fun painting the rocks, each one a tiny abstract world. Also here is a new little painting i just started.

These are pics of some of my Kenpo teachers.

October 12th.
Today was another day at the lower school. These days really wear me out. First I taught about 100 fifth graders direction and buildings, I showed them some magic tricks, then after class the principal gave me a copy of the heart sutra, a very famous sutra recited everyday in Zen monasteries, “emptiness is none other than form, form is none other than emptiness”. This thrilled me (he must have known I liked Buddhism from my art). Then I rushed upstairs to teach three Sixth grade classes. After each lesson all the kids rushed up handing me things to autograph. I ate lunch with the kids, before which I met the class pet: a beautiful baby dragonfly. I had never seen one before. Beautiful little creature.

Every school I have been to has had a garden and a chicken house, which the kids always take care of (remember, the kids also clean the entire school and serve lunch. They mop all the floors, clean the bathrooms, and clean the teachers’ rooms.)

After lunch we played a great version of duck duck goose, where one student walks around with a small rag balled up in his/her hands. They secretly drop the rag behind someone’s back keeping their hands cupped to look like they still have it. Real clever students pretend to drop it behind someone else back. If you notice the rag is behind you, you get up, run around, adn drop it behind somenoe else. If you dont notice that the rag is behind you before the student gets back to you, you are tagged adn out. The game is very fast and very fun. We played it for about an hour.
In the afternoon of was fed and watered with cakes and cookies, teas and coffee and kindness. That evening I went to Kenpo practice with my camera. The small cute old man sitting is the leader. He is very fast and very strong, classic old ninja archetype in my book. Teh other teachers are also pictured. You must know that all the teachers are exceptionally kind and gentle, just like my dad, while also being very serious about the martial art.

Below is me explaining graphically Hurricane Katrina, complete with sound effects.


I found thousands of little freckles all over of my plants today, knew at once that they were probably bugs, although none were moving. I decided to take a leaf to school to ask one of my teachers. The bugs looked like little dust particles stuck to the leaf, which had secreted some sort of clear sticky film the previous week. I figured maybe the leaf was sick and trying to flush out its pores, or something, like when we humans get a cold. Why else would the leaf all of a sudden have a clear liquid on its surface? Then I find little dust looking beings all over it. The conclusion was that the insects must have come from the soil. My principal suggested I spray the plant with either milk or with a mixture of tobacco and water, for both will kill the bugs and not hurt the plant. I, of course, don’t want to kill the insects. Nor do I want them killing my plant, or moving into my house (I often keep my porch door open.) What to do what to do. What would the Dalai Lama do?

All my classes today included, to my surprise, a live performance of puff the magic dragon; I sang while my fellow teacher played the guitar, me doing harmony with him on the chorus. "Ok, now lets sing puff teh magic dragon." "what?" You must understand how awkward this was, and yet also fun for me, but most of the kids just stared at us, blank faced, probably wanting to be outside enjoying the perfect sunshiny day. Well, I know the thought crossed my mind. A cool breeze arrived as the ultimate invitation. But I tried to act the song out, get the kids laughing. I walk around the room singing it directly to the students’ faces, to try to make the scene a little less stale. I don’t quite know why my teacher had me sing puff the magic dragon to the class. Or maybe I know perfectly well why he thought it was a good idea.

Another one of my classes was strange because a boy sitting in the front row had his head down the entire time, crying. Balling. We could all hear him whimper. My teacher asked him if he wanted to leave, and he muttered no. In America the teacher would make kid leave, because, I am not joking, he was a huge distraction. To have a boy in the front row with his head down, and all the kids around him sporatically comforting him or laughing every time he let out a particularly loud whimper, and me, trying to teach, trying to keep the kids’ attention, trying to keep my attention on them! Very odd time. I later heard that he was having girl problems.

This is my friend Trisha enjoying the book Rick gave me before i left. She likes art like me.

Durring cleaning break i went outside and helped weed the garden. Today i learned that my old next door neighbor, Mrs. Hanson, died of lung cancer. She was my first introduction to gardening and caring for nature. I used spend all day exploring her magic garden wilderness backyard. She could always, ALWAYS, be found outside working in her garden. She taught me how to weed, how to pick flowers without harming the plants, how to prepare the soil, how to compost. She had frogs and fish and lilis in her pond. And she never cared when i would climb her fence and loose myself in her yard. She was sort of like another grandmother to me. Impermanance! Anicca! We are all going to die. We must not forget this. Let us live today like it is our last!

Last night One of my friends named Dennis gave me an old guitar left in his apartment and a book “teach yourself the guitar.” The universe is a generous one.

I miss all my friends and family very much. Espeacially uncle John and aunt Beth. Recenlty they have been visiting my thoughts often.

This evening I took a walk. The sun and the colors all retreating, away and away and away...the waxing moon confessing the dreamglow, "life is but a dream," I always feel the moon inside my awareness like a glowing marble, a reflection of the light of consciousness that I ultimately am. As i think those thoughts, of course, the sun goes down, the universe goes by, i miss it all.

This evening, in particular, was a bright one; the cool breeze announcing the coming autumn, as well as my face and nostrills, the cars and bicycles literally singing songs, my prayer beads passing through my fingers to the rhythms of the evening, and my mantra turning in my subtle mind field, echoing across the empty clearing that is my awareness, the moon follows my every move, while also playing on the leaves and roofs, I love the way light falls over forms. One of my students passed me on his bike, giving me a warm smile and wave, and I suddenly remember that I am not only alive, holy god, but I am also living with others. I begin singing a song without words, so happy to be here now in this body. From here, from now, i will try not to forget this, this preciouse human life. I will face myself, i will not run away. I will dedicate myself to compassion and the cultivation of love. I will remember those who have loved me, and i will send them care thought my heart, knowing deeply that they will feel it. How else can i express my thanks? my appreciation? my debt to others. how else can i show my love to you all? suggesstions, please.
for the love of god,
may i benifit others.

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lau said...

i best express love, appreciation and thanks by doing whatever is suggested to my heart. corny, but true.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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