Thursday, October 06, 2005

your 2 day update

I just looked at pictures of New Orleans my sister posted on her website and my heart softened and i teared up, not because I was looking at the flooded scenes, for I had seen many horrifying pictures of that tragedy already in the news, but because i was looking at it thought the eyes of my sister. Through her camera. She was there. She had to see those things. Here is the link for anyone interested.

Wednesday I went to my first grade school. It was pouring rain and I had to bike there and I don’t have a poncho so I arrived pretty wet. The cutest thing I descovered was hundreds of bobbing umbrellas with little feet, bobby along in a rainbow rain down the street, like bubbles in a river, can you just imagin how cute that was. Little kids, big umbrellas, tiny shoes, morning mind, happy day. School began with spring by vivaldi, the sporadic chanting of a rooster by the garden, followed by the singing/shouting of the school song from all the kids in their classrooms, all carried by the soft distortion of the rain, mind you, some green tea and coffee served by an old Japanese man, eyes twinkling, and a leisure look through an old Where's Waldo book (with the original name Where's Wally. I wonder why the U.S. publisher changed the name). A group of little first graders came to get me when class started, and I walked with them into the gymnasium where saw the entire grade sitting on the floor, shouting good morning David at the top of there lungs. I gave my intro, we learned some fruits, I showed them magic tricks, and then we played a game. The whole time im thinking, wow, I am in first grade, deep down inside. Also I thought, wow, this is the life. I could do this all day everyday. I then thought about my first grade teacher and how wonderful and bubbly she was. I think this type of work changes your brain after a while. I was done by noon with a free curry lunch in my belly!
This morning was so clear and cool and bright, the day after the rain. Sparkling. I got to my school and found some teachers smoking in the teacher’s room. Not so sparkling.
Some questions the students asked me today were “what is your blood type? (They are really into that over here.) What is your height, shoe size, do you have a girlfriend, why are you vegetarian? Teach us about Buddhism. How do you meditate? What type of person do you like? What do you not like? Many of these were touch questions.
I stepped out onto the balcony and took some pictures of the mountians, as well as some crows who were perferming the sacred triangle dance, rhyming with the mountians, that they also did for me in india (which many of you know inspired a lot of the symbolism/archytypal patterns and shapes i am working with in my art.) Also featured is the progress of my newest painting as well as an older one.

Here are some Bjork lyrics from her new album, which is the soundtrack to Mathew Barneys new movie.

"into pattern, flowing blood, giving form
in every part, the whole you see
into pattern, flowing blood, giving form
from the moment of commitment nature conspires to help you
nature conspires to help you"

and another song begins...

"Vessel, host, occidental guests,
Figure and field, both, carrier, carried.
Holographic paradigm,
The whole in every part."

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