Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This is an example of my self into. I have done this act at least 50 times. (I often do it in both English and Japanese.)

My name is David (Write David on board). I am from America. The very middle. (I draw America and put and x in the middle. Sometimes I do a quick quiz over the big cities). I am from a state called Kansas. Have you heard of the Wizard of Oz? (Almost everyone raises their hand). Dorothy is from Kansas, remember? (Sometimes I sing in a funny voice “and Kansas she said is the name of her star.” They all laugh.) SO Kansas is famous for…these. (I draw a tornado.) What is this? (Many students say hurricane.) Close..., hurricanes have water, like taifu (I draw waves). (some kids say tornado). Yes. Also, Kansas is famous because it is where basketball was invented. (the teacher is the only one who really finds this interesting). It was actually invented at my college.
Kansas is totally flat. The mountains in America are here and here (draw ranges.) So the middle is flat. NO mountains. SO, when I came to Japan, I was very surprised to see the mountains. (I look out the window, move backwards in shock, point, and yell, “wow! Big mountains! Look!” All the kids laugh.”
I never get to see mountains in Kansas. Do you want to see pictures?
I have 7 people in my family. (Kids make sounds of amazement.) My mother, father, three older sisters, grandmother, and cat. (Many kids laugh.) My cat’s name is Kitty (more kids laugh). This is my cat. This is not my cat. (I point to Grammy. Many kids laugh.) This is my grandma. I call her Grammy. This is Kitty, Grammy, Mommy, and Daddy. My three older sisters. This one, Jane, lives in New Orleans. Have you heard of New Orleans? (all the kids murmur, many shout out Katrina.
Yes yes, good good.
I miss my family very much.
Here is a picture of my friend (I point to molly. Immediately “girfriend?”) no but I good friend, since I was a child. And here are other friends. Please…(and I pass around the photo album).
SO, about me. I am 22 years old. My hobbies are dancing (I dance around the room. All the kids laugh), drumming (I drum a desk. They love It.), drumming with my mouth (I beat box and dance crazy and the kids go wild.) I like reading. My favorite book is Harry potter. Whose read Harry potter? (Most kids raid their hand). I am so excited for the new movie! When does it come out? (Some kids shout out the date in Japanese.) IN English? (They take a second and answer). I also like drawing and painting. I also like Magic. Do you want to see some tricks? (They always do. I show them a few tricks.) I like Yoga. Do you know yoga? (Many kids raid hand). Ok, lets do yoga. Stand Up. (All the kids stand up and we practice moon pose. They love it. ). I also like zazen (I mimic sitting in meditation). So every Sunday I go to the Zen temple and do zazen. Because I like Yoga and Zazen, I went to India for Spring break. Here are some pictures.
India is smelly. (everyone laughs). It is smelly, but also beautiful. I saw many colors in India. Look, (I point at all the colors in the photos.) This girl has yellow hands! (Sometimes I explain the lepers. The kids always look very interested.)
Her are also pictures of my oil painting. (oh, ahh). I pass around the other photo album.
Any question? (they ask about what food I like, dislike, my height, my blood type, do I have a girlfriend, etc.)
And that’s about it.


lau said...

::smile:: that sounds like such a cool job. is there a blog entry gnome that has stolen your prior post?

paul sireci said...

Did I tell you how you came up in my friend Jacky's art class? She told some boy that his work reminded her of yours, and he said "yeah, I know who that is. People don't paint like that, and people like us don't know about them." Amazing, eh?

I'm so glad you're really living and doing new and fulfilling things in Japan. It seems like beauty's all around you. The heart sutra is perhaps the loveliest gift a person can get. Cheers!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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