Sunday, July 24, 2011


Long story short, I left takashi and Ty on the boat and spent a couple of days with the Kuroki family in komatsu. Mika Kuroki's brother, Daisuke, is in charge of an old folks home and so we went there and spent the day entertaining the elderly. light in light. Hung out with Caleb, visited a power spot in the mountians and a festival in saijo, then went to Takamatsu for a rave and drum circle. met old friends, beautiful hippies, then went to kyoto where I am now. spent the day Daifuku and Shotaro, two of my favorite people ever, and we visited for the first time Genkoan Temple, with the famous Window of Realization, (satori no mado) and the Window of Delusion (mayoi no mado). We also visited sanjusangendo, my favorite, and fushimi inari, with the tunnels made of gates. pictures and stories later...

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