Monday, July 18, 2011

sushi, empty zen garden, tree shrine, sailing

can you see the feather?
"Those who try new things never die. Those who are lazy are already dead."
Sushi with Keiichi and his family.
This is the shrine to the thousand-year-old camphor holy god-tree in Niihama. The gate represents a transition into a holy world, the red shrine serves two functions, housing a god and also housing offerings, and the shimenawa rope around the trunk marks it as a vessel of god. tiny shines, buddhas, and offerings encircle the base.This is the extraordinary zen garden in Niihama. It is totally empty of island stones (like our minds). instead the subtle waves recede into horizonless space.

we were gifted fish, sashimi, and ice from strangers. Mai cut up the beautiful fish right before our eyes, and we ate it fresh.

light mind-body bliss swells wave through diamond emptiness
we got to this island and hiked though it to the secret beach on the other side. we had to dig our way though forest and totoro tunnels to finally fall out onto the beach. here is a map of the tiny island: Itsukijima
we spent an evening in matsuyama visiting the onsen. we picked some aloe and mai put it on his legs on the train.

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Mandalay said...

You've captured so much of the beauty of Japan in this post. Thank you for sharing. I usually read the news while I drink my tea in the morning, instead I read your blog and it was much more uplifting. Love you!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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