Thursday, July 07, 2011


Many Japanese friends have told me how the "Japanese heart" changed after the earthquakes. Yasuchika said he hasn't felt a moment of real happiness since. And Hideyuki said that some japanese people have not changed their heart, which scares him. Mai and Taka actually went to Iwate and Sendai to entertain the homeless children. Taka studies marionetting in Italy, and Mai is a musician/performance artist, and they put together the persona "Atamagabanana-chan" and would walk around singing silly songs and giving kids bananas from Mai's head, just like Anpanman. I heard that out of maybe five kids watching only one would run away crying, while the rest totally got it. Magic is the same way...

Takashi, my old student who came to visit me in San Francisco, took me to Matsuyama yesterday to experience a Ganbanyoku, or stone bath, and to see Aun play with New York's legendary hardcore punk band Murphy's Law. I ended up partying with them into the night...they recognized me from our long flight together, and the new basist, who was closer to my age, told me all about how much he loves Japan, and showed me a oni tatoo that he got as a gift from Aggressive Dog, another legandary hard core band. pics soon.

The bathhouse Takashi and I went to....I had never been to it before, Sora to Mori, sky and forest, and the stone room was out of this world. "Negative Ion air", smooth granite beds, and a "freezing room" next door when you are done.

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