Friday, July 01, 2011

"Have a nice Japan!"

sai baba vibuti.

Im back in Japan and let me tell ya, this place is so great! Tasuku met me at the airport. I exchanged my money, said goodbye to the band Murphy`s Law who i sat next to on the plane and who will perform with my good friends Aun in Matsuyama on the 6th, Ill be there. On the bus to Shinjuku we met a young, tan, cute Japanese boy who just got back from three months surfing in OC, eager to speak broken English and talk about America. He said he was shocked americans don't separate all their trash. I agreed. Then tasuku and I met up with Oga, another old and dear friend, who was wearing a t-shirt with cats all over it, and we ate dinner at a tiny izakaya filled with cigarette smoke and red-faced businessmen all in their white short-sleeved button-up shirts, all laughing and having a great time. The old man owner, who looked like a cartoon character, spoke to me in broken English and gave me the oshibori warm wet wash cloth. God ive missed those. I wiped my face and hands, poured my friends some beer, ate wet sweet eggs, ramen salad and sat in a blanket of thankfulness.
May we all wake up to the Gift and feel the flow of gratefulness.

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Anonymous said...

MYA. Thinking of you as i listen to the ghost songs of the nippon i remember. be the gift.
the mountain is missing you.
love love love

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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