Thursday, August 31, 2006

cover up

well, I watched some of "911 In Plane Site" and "Loose Change.." I suggest everyone see these films. Also, has anyone seen the French Documentary "911"?
Moreover, here is the feather, pinecone, and 5 stones painiting revisted.


TrixSta said...

David, I love it! Like swimming in a sea of mountains!! flowing and yet so immovable. @}----

Anonymous said...

Joining your fan club on this one--how big is this painting? Awesome kind of moving mountains. mya

David said...

You paintings are where we all wish to go in our dreams.
As a small child...or even now, have you ever placed a mirror on the floor as so it refelcts the ceiling, and glanced over it? I like doing this as it feels like there is a hole in the floor leading to some far off place...i bet if i ever get there it will look like this painting
Much love and peace to you.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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