Monday, August 21, 2006

moon worship

I've recently discovered that part of my religion is (and always has been) moon worship. I open my hands and dreamy eyed call out "Homage to the great and holy Vajrasattva Mahasattva, the luminous moon disc from which flows the sound Hum: the fountain of nectar that is the universe in every moment." Devotion to beauty bathes my soul in a cool river of moonlight, I sing out from my small body, out to the clear light, out to the glowing water of awareness behind my eyes, reflecting the unchanging, glowing sphere of light embedded within the womb of the sky. I'm rambling again. The moon never minds. Suddenly she emits rays of white light that wash away the harmful deeds and delusions of all sentient beings, who then give offerings, dance and sing in ecstatic praise. During this, all the accomplishments, kindness, love and compassion generated by beings throughout the history of the universe are reabsorbed into the light, so that Moon becomes an accumulation of brightness, power, and divinity. I open my mouth and swallow the moon. It stays in my throat like a glowing marble, continuously emitting its purifying light into the world.


David said...

The moon gives our dreams their light.

Anonymous said...





sam Gray said...

my mother told me that when I was a baby I'd say, "I see the moon, I get the moon... I put the moon in mouth".

I forgot that unitl just now, thanks David.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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