Sunday, August 27, 2006


Saturday morning I climbed a mountain with a group of foreigners in Saijo. Staring out across the vast mountains range I thought, “Even though my eyes are small, they see huge things.”
That night I danced at a club with all my new friends. Sunday I was stunned with the beauty of the waves of tiled roofs adorning the morning sunlight. After I returned to niihama I went swimming with Trisha at the neighborhood pool, then bought the new Cornelius album “Music,” and saw Superman, which I loved.
You can bet i will be painting a lot of these pics. its just so powerful how a vast mountain range can still the mind while also expanding it (the entire mountain range is INSIDE the awareness!). oh, and see us standing by that stream. we drank that water. first time in my life i think i have ever had fresh spring water.

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David said...

Hi David, Fantastic photos! I just love it when there is the times in our days and lives where we are reminded just how magical our surroundings are and how small we are in this beautiful world. Nature rulez!

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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