Thursday, August 24, 2006

family connection

Here is a pic of Mako in front of one of her paintings (the one I decided to buy). Also, Masaki (one of my students) invited me over for dinner again to meet his sister who goes to design school in Tokyo. Afterwards we went to Karaoke. Masaki, if you remember, is the boy whose father died about a year ago from cancer. In between songs he leaned over to me and showed me his cell phone. Playing on the tiny screen was a video of his father playing the guitar. I almost burst into tears; I had never seen his father before and it just was so powerful to think that Masaki (15) keeps this video he took of his father in this cell phone and wanted to share it with me. I’m tearing up now. Remember when he showed me his fathers paint box? His mom and I sang a Paul Simon song together as well as Sweet Dreams. Masaki and I sang some Greenday, and I think I got a little drunk; His mom kept buying me cocktails.

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Rick Winfrey said...

I think you have made some secret deal with the clouds in Niihama. Your pictures are enchanting. I love the world they are - makes me sad there are not more pictures.

Once you said your pictures are not strong enough to stand on their own, but I think you are too humble. There is an elegance in your framing that captures subtleties in scenes that most people miss, let alone have the ability to convey through a frame. It's refreshing to see pictures taken through the eyes of a person who is intimate with that moment, who has naked eyes.

Lots of love to you

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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