Tuesday, August 01, 2006

pics from kansas

Home. My trip was filled with happiness. I got to see almost everyone and everywhere I wanted. Some friends and family I saw for not long enough. Some for a perfect amount of time. I got to discover what friends of mine have moved on. I got to feel the disappointment of finding that some of my close friends didn’t really care too much that I was in town. And others, who I thought wouldn’t care so much, made sure to see me every chance they got. My heart drank in the golden elixir of friendship, a bit to much perhaps, for I’m still feeling drunk off the stuff, and my heart is perhaps still over there. I didn’t uproot myself properly, but instead ripped out of the ground too suddenly, for I am missing home already.
My family was so wonderful, my sister’s wedding majestic. “I live in the best family.” I say in the car ride to the airport. “Well, one reason that's true is because you are in it.” replies my dad. Thank you all who made my vacation home so fulfilling. I will never forget you.


David said...

I see the sun has followed you home my good friend. Enjoy your time with your beautiful friends.
And....i LOVE the painting :o) I tossing and turning over the best place to put it, where my eyes will see it everyday for the rest of this life....glue it to my eyelids?? :o)

Andy said...

My parents liked the idea of my brother and I visiting you in Japan. So hopefully that will work out because it would be amazing.

May all beings be Free and in Love.

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